All The Blood Money Can Buy

by Murder

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The highly awaited debut full length from Murder


released January 3, 2013

Produced by: Kris Crummett & Sam Pura



all rights reserved


Murder Antioch, California

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Track Name: Prologue
I've reached the glass and feel like you might, shatter at any time.
I've got the will to finish the job, and it is all on the line.
Smoke and mirrors, as time remembers, won't change the here and now.

Entitled approach, and calculating stare, waiting for whatever you've got
This inevitable contempt, won't allow me to, embody your escape.
Entitled approach, and calculating stare, i'll take more than you can spare.
Track Name: Distance Makes The Heart Grow Weaker
It's not that I miss her, I've missed an opportunity
Create a Kodak moment, making space between a and b.
And in this failing courtship, there's no way to say goodbye.
And when we meet again, I'll recognize the look in your eye.

When I reach the next plane, a cycle shifting is the way of the time.
And that's how it works, keeps you holding, standing by.

This house will no longer be divided.
Enlisted mechanics of past conflicts, let me breathe.

This ranch style home, the walls, record our memories.
I want the power to withstand, one thing at a time.

"Distance makes the heart grow weaker"
Track Name: Ellipses
And so you speak, of lessons that are not explained.
By normal means, and slowly shifting will.
At night we miss, the chance to come to grips.
With what this is, and it pains me to ask.

You've been here before, replicating detours.
It's still the same place, inside another time
Maybe finding your way back home.

To take a risk, and put yourself in place.
And I suppose you're wondering, how it takes shape.
We feel alone, this time you have a choice.
To let it fade, or show your worth.

It's beating just the same.
I'm waiting for, this bond, to hold in place.

It holds us close, straight to the core.
Steps we take, work this way
Ensure the rest, you will see the day.
Track Name: How To Kill A Monster
Lies inked in blood, continue to haunt, and only the truth will set me free.
Pain lasting longer, than a fortnight, it's time for us to break the mold.

Drove me along
Drove me along
And its not making sense to me.
Carved into springtime and slaughter.

This is starting to add up why we can no longer whisper
And I despise views, influenced by fools, you're not getting through, don't walk two by two.

Pass this along to anyone who needs the point.
Track Name: Sic Semper Tyrannis
Pushing boundaries with those double standard
Scream in silence is all that you hear.
Until it comes, stalking in to cut the air.
Right from your lungs, faces loaded with terror.

You see clearly what has taken so much for you to show.
If you only would have known from the start, might I suggest.

Armor propped, crack the shell and you will remove.
The ghost knowing, is half of the battle.
And so you're, half a person searching for.
Someone with a hole, in the shape of you.

You see clearly what has taken so much for you to show.
if you only would have known from the start, might I suggest.
Don't place blame on the blameless, and take nothing.
For yourself, you'll give anything to take it back.

Writhing on the ground

Now as the turnpike gives way, we take one breath at a time.
Track Name: I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
A paragraph shifts, into a lullaby, waiting for its chance to soothe.
Troubling times, haunting a scourge of minds, praying that it won't consume.
Excuse me miss, may I bother you, might you just give me the time.
Hands pinned back, facing to north and east, it must be a quarter to nine.
Doesn't it sound just divine, crossing the line.

I'm still here.
Holding on to all that remains.
The light will let us carry on.
Break through the walls, push it in place
Show your resolve, we will set our fate.

With clarity grasped, questions resolved themselves, this feels like a matter of state.
Menacing thoughts, are starting to form inside, remove them and do it with haste.
Facing the wind, unwavering faith is in, and how will the challenge begin
Consorting within, was just a step to do, and everyone knows it but you.
When we see a rising sun, catastrophe is done.

Mother, father, the time is near, nothing to fear.
Questions, answers, set in stone, where will it go.
Track Name: Cauterize Your Lips
So here we go again back from the start, you remind me that nothing is true.
But luckily your words carry no weight, so when will all the fictitious statements end.
I strive towards hope,illusions designed to break the person i call me

Cauterize your lips can you still receive the frequency?
Keep those demons to yourself and take the night away.

Your countries success lies in the corpses of this youth.
So why should we listen to what you say instead of the truth.
Which we have come to live by no more tears from deceiving eyes.
Will be tolerated lets all stand up to them.
Track Name: The Practitioner
And I wish i could warn you, of the future with all the cards on the table.
And we strive for. the ability to see and feel.
The vision we perceive is true, I ask myself why must we endure hardships.
And only when we are pushed, to a point will be, defined as an entity.

This body is only a temporary vessel.
I'm nothing more than a pilot, oh I've been dying to eject.
If you could only reach, you would understand.
We're eager for departure, marching on to greener pastures.

And I am the practitioner, you ask me, what my trait is.
I fight for the calloused, and the weak, and you laugh at the sound.
And I don't need to know the question, because I have the answer.
There is no heart, only spirit, will put me at peace again.

We breathe, we hope, we grasp, onto, our hopes, and dreams, and we're willing to fight.
Track Name: Absence Of Clarity
The audience, is still trapped inside,
All these episodes, cuts the world out
But we won't remove, all the souls inside.
just like being alone behind closed eyes so intertwined.

And so it goes this path that I've paved for you.
And make your decisions or now and forever be wondering why.

Cavernous holes, in the shape of me
Will intoxicate, as far as I can see
Searching for the source, of what holds us back.
Hiding under nose, and I will expose

Goodnight, sleep tight, its all in your head.
We fight, while we lie, inside of your bed.
Track Name: In The Shadow Of Leaves
A decision made with haste like most decisions are we must take a stand
Lets choose life, tonight stay here, right by my side, ill keep you safe.
If height was tall, where pieces land, there's no need, we have a plan.
I'll defend you, till the battle cease, know what to be, this is my call to arms.

Survive through the darkness, to bask in one sunrise.
we will fight, and well die for, a better tomorrow.

Mark up the line, with all the sights, the children weep, to the sound of the voice.
The shots are clear, ambient rings, as bodies fall, just like snowflakes.
We are here, for those alive, you all will see, right when it comes.
I know that you, might be weak, i'll show you, this is my call to arms.

I scream rejoice, because she shot me, so I killed her.
Release the guard, to kill my mind and, lower your guns to your side.

Satsui no hado.